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Food Science &Technology

The world is increasingly in need of highly trained dedicated Food Science professionals developing a variety of wholesome and highly nutritious foods, developing packaging and processing technologies that ensure the world population has safe, abundant, convenient, affordable, and delicious food to keep the world peoples healthy and happy. The Department of Food Science and Technology is dedicated to this task.

About Us

Department of Food Science & Technology in the Faculty of Science. It has been a champion in training highly practical and skilled Food Scientists both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Academic Programmes

The Department currently offers three postgraduate, one undergraduate and
one Diploma programme.

PhD in Food Technology

This Program dedicates to training globally renowned Scientists and experts that will be key in production of new knowledge and guidance of the Food Industry going forward.

Master of Science in Food Technology

. The MSc in Food Technology is intended for individuals who will in the future manage the diminishing food resources in Uganda and beyond.

Postgraduate Diploma in Food Safety Management

The Department of Food Science and Technology has designed this course in order to train Food Inspectors in Food Safety Management.

Bachelor of Food Science and Processing Technology

This course is designed to prepare the candidate in high level knowledge and skills for research, teaching & training, food policy and strategy.

Our Staff Are Actively Publishing Research

Research and Publications

The peer-reviewed literature represents the accumulated knowledge of a field. Most of our academic staff have done recognised research. They disseminated their findings and results to other researchers and to the broader public by publishing in high-quality journals that engage in a rigorous peer-review process.