Food Technology Department is recognized for research and training conducted in collaboration with government and Non-government parastatals. Major collaborators include: Uganda Industrial Research

Institute, Uganda National Bureau of Standards, National and International Universities, Ministry of Agriculture and the Private sector. The major research areas include; 1. Environmental and process contaminants in food.

2. Value addition along banana value chain. 3. Phytochemical screening of plant extracts and nut oils 4. Identification of pathogenic, spoilage and beneficial microorganisms in food using conventional and molecular protocols 5. And other related areas. In addition, staff members contribute to the development of the food industry and participate in policies and procedures that improve public health, food safety, and promote innovation and sustainability of the rural economy. 
The department is open to collaboration and invites interested individuals and institutions to join in sharing technologies, resources and expertise in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences. Participation in Scientific Research Consortia, staff and student exchange, joint MSc/PhD supervision are possible areas of collaboration