The Department of Food Science and Technology (DFST) is headed by Dr Khadijah Nakyinsige. It is the former Department of Food Processing Technology in the Faculty of Science Kyambogo University. Since the formation of Kyambogo University in 2003, the DFST has been a champion in training highly practical and skilled Food Scientists both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels that have gone on to make great impact in the Food and Nutrition Industry in Uganda and beyond.

The Department has highly trained Academic staff comprising one Professor, two Associate Professors and nine experienced staff with PhD level training while four are at MSc level training and currently on course of their PhD training. These have diverse expertise in specific areas of Food Science, Food Technology and Human Nutrition. They are supported by four highly trained and experienced technicians. In addition, the Department works in partnership with experts in the Food Industry and professionals in areas such as Business Management and Marketing among others.

Our research programmes focus on new and cutting edge technologies in Food value addition and addressing current development challenges in Ugandan and Global Food Industry. This is done in partnership with other local Universities, development partners, the Food Industry, and International researchers.

For further information, contact:

Head, Department of Food Science and Technology,
Food Science and Technology Building,
Kyambogo University Main Campus
P.O. Box 1 Kyambogo, Uganda
Tel: 256-414-287347
Fax: 256-41-220464